Meet Tonino Montesanti

I am Tonino Montesanti, nice to meet you.

Owner of Inveztments, I can easily enjoy a tough day in the office, but I always pay attention to the little detail that makes the difference in my business world.

Tonino, tell us something about your life…

Aged 24, already sick and tired of the Italian system, I left for London. Cultural barriers were surprisingly low and, while working in various fields, I immediately fell in love with the property market. That’s how a three-month stint turned into a choice for life. Numbers, statistics and trends, that’s why I pursued a career as a real estate investor in the UK.

As a side, I entered the Army earlier when I was still in Italy. I won a competition and, after a hard five-month course, I became a lieutenant in a unit labelled Bersaglieri. On a mission in Somalia, I learned how to be a true leader by managing the emotions of younger adults. Discipline, ethics, courage, commitment, passion, and loyalty are all important bits that form the behaviour of a leader. These are my pillars, everyday. After risking my life for my country, due to the lack of the so-called political ties, I wasn’t given an opportunity, so I booked a flight to England. From a three-months stint to a choice for life in a flash!

By the way, is anything better than tennis, paddle, ping-pong, squash and badminton?

Curriculum Vitae & Property Journey 

After a hard period of apprenticeship (my English was worse than now!) in some Italian restaurants, I deployed £5,000 in an apartment close to the Heathrow airport, knowing that a new terminal would have been built soon after, bringing enormous benefits to the area, while obviously creating thousands of jobs.

It was definitely my first real estate flip: I sold the flat after six months, for a 40% profit. With that money, I bought two other properties. This was just the beginning of my wonderful property journey.

Today, I commit to identifying areas, mainly in England, with high growth potential — the best places for real estate investments, both for our investors and us.

Finally, I ended up combining this with a full management scheme for our landlords.

Why Inveztments?

I have always been very excited about the possibilities and opportunities that exist in property. I’ve had to deal with many situations that investors just need to deal with, and that’s not fun, trust me, but I now know how to avoid trouble, and I want to help and guide you in your investment journey, simply by sharing my knowledge.

Back in 2018, we started to run a few of Inveztments’ portfolio properties on serviced accommodations. The appreciation combined with our clients’ remarkable feedback pushed us to start a full property and services management for our investors and private landlords eager to gain guaranteed rent and a peace of mind. 

We then joined forces with highly skilled and established  colleagues  expanding our core services and we decided to support both landlords with guaranteed rent, no void periods and professional tenants to find their perfect accommodation.

We support clients  – not only emotionally! – throughout the project’s lifespan, also providing them a full property management and after-sale services.


My mission is to identify hidden gems to enhance my personal returns but also to help you sift through a slew of investments that I have seen before. I do my best to help our clients achieve annual returns in double-digit territory as well as to build a bond of trust with customers.

Barring a stint in Marbella (Spain), I’ve been living in TW1 since 1998, when I started living in Twickenham by renting a bedsit located on a beautiful road in the city centre. Since then, I’ve always supported this community and loved shopping local, helping business owners and neighbours who asked me for advice, as real estate is my passion. 

My personal mission is to help landlords by taking care of their properties, applying a guaranteed rent and long-term contracts scheme with no void periods and driving investors to find their ideal property and investment.