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On The Threshold: Where is the UK property market heading in 2019?

By Alessandro Pasetti, 21 December 2019 is just around the corner, and there are signs it could be another decent year in terms of capital appreciation for real estate in Britain, if you listen to the experts, who in recent weeks have downplayed political and economic uncertainty in terms of growth prospects. The mid-term outlook remains encouraging, based on several projections. According to market specialist Savills, house ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: The bricks of Brexit Britain can still build value for investors

By Alessandro Pasetti, 27 November. It is not just me anymore. “Europeans may not think much of the UK’s politics, but they still like the look of its real estate,” The Irish Times wrote earlier this month. While the Irish are known for their sense of humour, this was serious stuff. It continued: “Brexit Britain will be the top destination for major European investors to snap up commercial property ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: Some words on the streets of pre-Brexit Britain

By Alessandro Pasetti, 17 September “British households’ confidence about their financial situation held at its highest since 2015 this month, as their concern about inflation eased and they were relaxed about prospects for the year to come, a survey showed on Monday.” – Reuters, 17 September. “Uncertainty brings opportunity” is one of the most recurring clichés in the investing world, but there’s some truth in it, particularly ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: Is social housing the biggest threat to landlord earnings?

By Alessandro Pasetti, 16 August 2018  As the Inveztments team continues to look at ways to help landlords monetise their properties in order to boost rental income streams, there remains plenty of risk for traditional landlords who choose the monthly cash while adding little value to their tenants – and at the same time the number of people who believe the property market is out of control is growing by ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: Is a bedroom bonanza beckoning for London landlords?

By Alessandro Pasetti, 31 July 2018. Most of the typically bearish headlines about the UK property market highlight the role that London has played since Brexit, with pundits often pointing to the difficult times experienced by the capital – “difficult times” which are here to stay, some argue. But recent research and trends suggest that by no means is London terminally ill. Moving parts, prime London & changing habits Take its rental market, for example, where Inveztments is looking at alternative ways to help ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: Choosing stock markets over housing stocks makes investors laughing stocks

By Alessandro Pasetti, 16 July 2018. It is a sign of the changing times: young people after a fast buck rather than wisely allocating their savings to traditional investments, such as property, are very much in vogue these days.   (Source: The Financial Times recently wrote that, according to market research, “three-quarters of British millennials would rather put their money in shares, bonds or bitcoin than property”.  (Source: That’s right: shares, bonds and bitcoin.  Risks  Trying to cherry-pick high-yielding ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: UK housing stats - fake news vs hard data

By Alessandro Pasetti, 30 June 2018. Ever heard of ‘housing starts’?  As defined by Investopedia, this key economic indicator (which is roaring in the US) of the property market represents the number of new residential construction projects that have begun during a particular month. It is a simple concept, and the related mid/long-term trends confirm that while the press continues to make a big fuss about supply ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: London's buy-to-let market may not be the capital risk you think

By Alessandro Pasetti, 18 June 2018. Tax, funding and regulatory constraints, in addition to the ubiquitous Brexit risk, have all been flagged as major hurdles for Britain’s buy-to-let market ‘over the past year, with some experts turning even more bearish since the turn of 2018. Yet many observers have overlooked different sources of funding that can be deployed in a real estate market where buy-to-let could continue to flourish for years. Additionally, other structural and behavioural changes could combine to lessen prospects of the worst-case scenarios for the buy-to-let ... Read more >>

On The Threshold: Liverpool & Manchester building on the foundations of history

By Alessandro Pasetti, 31 May The high turnover of the real estate portfolio of Inveztments testifies to the quality of the projects that have been marketed by its team in the past year. But what’s the secret sauce? In a nutshell, the ultimate choice between picking multiple real estate investments/projects and only the best projects/property investment available on the market always leans towards the latter. Coming soon As new investment opportunities ... Read more >>