Our services cater to investors not only looking for a steady yield in real estate but also the dream of a lifetime.

Property Finding & Sourcing: Passion More Than Work

Tonino Montesanti, Owner & Co-founder – profession: Property Hunter.

“I have searched and bought several real estate properties in the UK and in Spain both for myself and my clients. I perform a targeted and highly personalised search, depending on the client’s needs and, above all, on his budget.

I have deep knowledge of the real estate market in London and in the United Kingdom, where I lived for 17 years, spending endless days on the internet searching for properties. I have learned it can be really time-consuming, particularly when, last minute, meetings are cancelled ‘thanks to’ real estate agencies that operate without paying attention to the buyers’ needs.

I know the hurdles that can slow down the purchase of a property because  in the past I came across many and overcame all… I achieved excellent results for my family and my investors, I’d argue, both in regard to buy-to-let properties and real estates up for sale.

London and its surroundings are and will always be a true paradise for investors from all over the world!

Real estate and the Costa del Sol

I also offer a property finder service for real estate properties located in the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol derives its its name and reputation from 300 days of sunshine a year and a mild weather, with average 22° C. I have lived in Marbella for four years with my family and I have invested resources and time in order to create a consolidated network of trusted builders, real estate agencies, lawyers and accountants.

The solution that Inveztments offers is simple and very competitive, also aimed at guaranteeing a perfect property investment, spanning:

. Careful selection of the property

. Videos of the most interesting properties and ad-hoc reports

. Check of all the necessary documentation, assisted by lawyers of trust

. Proposal for up to four real estate properties

. Up to three days trips to discover the properties I selected

Cost of the service: Depending on the assigned mandate, and up to 3% of the value of the property


We provide in-depth real estate consulting, backed by official reports covering the real estate environment in the United Kingdom and Spain.

We provide our customers the tools that will help them understand the true potential of an investment in the United Kingdom or Spain.

How we do it?

We arrange private sessions via phone or Skype and/or one-to-one meetings, during which:

. We will understand together why you want to invest in real estate market in England and/or Spain

. We will analyse the UK market, together if needed

. We will check together the feasibility of your goals

. We will discuss the type of investment that best suits you by market segment (residential, buy-to-let, HMOs & serviced accommodations)

. We will share with you our knowledge of all legal aspects

. We will reveal the 13 most frequent mistakes when it comes to investing in real estate, and we will tell you how to avoid them

. We will show you the best projects/properties selected by the team (according to the location, the reputation and track record of the developer as well as the income/capital appreciation potential of the project/property)

. We will help you understand the results that you will be able to achieve

First 30 minutes free, then you’ll get a quote from our team within 24 hours

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